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    SCRIP Gift Cards - S.O.S - Support our school by SHOPPING!!!

    1. Is easy to use - Just purchase gift cards to pay for items you are already planning to purchase.

    2. Doesn’t cost you a penny - You pay $25 for $25 worth of merchandise.

    3. Gives a rebate to Good Shepherd Lutheran School and Preschool - Rebates range from 2% of the cost of the gift card to 20% of its cost depending on the merchant.

    For more details about how to assist the school and preschool in this manner, check with the SCRIP ladies in the church library between services. A big thanks to all who have been faithful purchasers of SCRIP.

    Click here to print a SCRIP form
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  • Spiritual Benefits of Sending My Child to GSLS

    Download the NEW Good Shepherd Lutheran School brochure here!

    Most parents believe in the importance of a Bible class, which is why they bring their children to church and Sunday school. The real power is in teaching ALL subjects from a Christian worldview.

    Education is not neutral and classical education is much more than just a Bible class. The classical method shows God’s hand through all affairs.

    Conventional education has a philosophy that it merely presents the facts without a spiritual context. Our students will behold the wonders of God’s creation in science, witness His plans for mankind in history, study His order in mathematics, rejoice in His gift of music and the arts, and learn about His love and plan of salvation on a daily basis.

    Our children learn to speak about God in all aspects and in all subjects. They are comfortable in speaking about God throughout their day, not just at home or on weekends.