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    SCRIP Gift Cards - S.O.S - Support our school by SHOPPING!!!

    1. Is easy to use - Just purchase gift cards to pay for items you are already planning to purchase.

    2. Doesn’t cost you a penny - You pay $25 for $25 worth of merchandise.

    3. Gives a rebate to Good Shepherd Lutheran School and Preschool - Rebates range from 2% of the cost of the gift card to 20% of its cost depending on the merchant.

    For more details about how to assist the school and preschool in this manner, check with the SCRIP ladies in the church library between services. A big thanks to all who have been faithful purchasers of SCRIP.

    Click here to print a SCRIP form
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    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School
    3825 Wildbriar Lane
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-4502
    Church: (402) 423-7639
    School : (402) 423-7677

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    GREETINGS FROM KNNA RADIO! We need you to tune in to the radio station on SecureNetSystems! It is amazing that our church has a radio station. Not only is having a radio station fantastic fun, but it is also a form of outreach. Don’t believe us? Check this out! We have listeners not only here in Lincoln, NE, but also in New Jersey, Texas, Kansas, Washington, Colorado, Arizona and many more states! It doesn’t stop there. We have listeners outside the states! Malaysia, Kenya, Mexico, Japan, and Nigeria to name a few. What a fantastic way for the radio, and the church, to reach out to the world, proclaiming the Word of God!

    There are several shows to listen to throughout the week: Issues, Etc., Table Talk, Nebraska Table Talk, Double Edge Sword, Lamp Lighters, Steadfast Throwdown, the Lutheran Hour, and occasionally we add a show or two.

    We also broadcast our Sunday church services LIVE. Now you can attend church services even if you are physically not able to! We hope to broadcast Bible studies in the future as well.

    We also have our first LIVE program! When Music Was Music is hosted by Pastor Jack Kirk on Friday evenings from 7 pm – 8:30 pm ever since the first part of February. Not only is it great Big Band Music, but some great historical insight of those times. (He’s on Facebook).

    In the future, you will be able to listen to our own pastors and vicar on their own radio show. Stay tuned for more information pertaining to this.

    There is instrumental music in the early afternoon and throughout the evenings and weekends.

    KNNA radio functions through donations. KNNA does not rely on the church’s finances. If YOU would like to support us financially, we gladly welcome it with great appreciation. What is the best way to support the radio? LISTEN! Listen to KNNA Radio 24/7! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please tune in on a regular basis. Listen to it, have it on in the background, listen to it while sleeping, or whatever suits your fancy. Please, help support the radio by using your ears. Spread the news of our radio station. If you would like to help in any other capacity, contact Nik Sandman, Curt Christiansen, and/or Jim Kirk.

    A big thank you to all for your support!
    KNNA Community Radio


    KNNA RADIO – HOW TO LISTEN! KNNA 95.7FM The Cross, is on the air! Well, sort of . . . Until our tower construction is complete, the only way to listen is over the internet. How do you do it?
    In a web browser or on your phone, go to www.thecross957.org, or link directly to the player at SecureNetSystems.
    We would love to hear your comments and feedback.
    Thanks in advance!
    KNNA Radio Committee