• Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School
    3825 Wildbriar Lane
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-4502
    Church: (402) 423-7639
    School : (402) 423-7677

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    Did you know that our church has a low power radio station nestled within our walls?  KNNA might not be owned by the church, but there is a great partnership going between the church and the radio station.  The pastors of Good Shepherd Lutheran have their own podcast broadcast on KNNA, Proclaiming the One as well as At Home In Your Hymnal.  Classroom One features retired pastor Jack Kirk of Herkimer, KS with lay theologian Phil Friedrichs.  Pastor Kirk is a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran.  KNNA regularly broadcasts Good Shepherd’s church services, both the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.  When Good Shepherd hosted the ACELC conference  in August of 2017, the presentations and chapel services were broadcast live.  KNNA features announcements and programs from other Good Shepherd members as well.


    Not just limited to Good Shepherd, KNNA is Lutheran and Community Radio for Lincoln, Nebraska.  We feature local programs, such as Off on a Tangent, Notes from the Stage, When Music Was Music, and Soundtrack Telling.  KNNA also broadcasts a podcast from Murdoch, NE, Table Talk Radio as well as the nationally popular Issues, Etc. out of Collinsville, Il.

    Featuring a wide variety of programs, KNNA will focus your daily mediation with theological programs and sacred music.  It will tickle your fancy with the whimsical Off on a Tangent.  Travel back in time with When Music Was Music and Time Tunnel. Belt out show tunes with Notes from the Stage. Allow your imagination to soar with Soundtrack Telling.  There is something for everyone on KNNA.

    KNNA is not supported by the church and functions entirely on volunteer hours and donations.  You can listen to KNNA on the website or on your favorite mobile device through our app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.  If you are in Lincoln, you can tune in to KNNA on FM 95.7.  As KNNA is a low power radio station, if you start to lose KNNA as you drive out of the Lincoln area, simple switch to KNNA on your mobile device for uninterrupted listening!

    If you are interested in subscribing to KNNA, donating to help this important outreach, or would like more information about the station, please go to our website.

    A big thank you to all for your support!
    KNNA Community Radio