• Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School
    3825 Wildbriar Lane
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-4502
    Church: (402) 423-7639
    School : (402) 423-7677

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  • Good Shepherd Youth

    Grades 8-12 (College & Young Adults welcome too!):

    Youth Leaders – Pastor Maronde | Andrew Wood 402-369-2691 | Jeana Wood 402-366-1836 | Marc Huff 402-890-9752 | Beth Huff 402-304-3352
    GS Youth on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/GSYLincoln


    Committed to knowing nothing but Christ, and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins… and wondering why the Church in America has forgotten…Pastor Jonathan Fisk

    Sunday Bible Study & Fellowship: We meet upstairs in the youth room from 9:30-10:15. This year we are adding the 8th graders to the Youth Sunday Bible Study time. This study is open to anyone grades 8-12, college, or even young adults.

    The 2nd Sunday of every month is meeting Sunday – for planning events & informing youth of upcoming events. We set this time aside each month but we do still make updates & decisions on the fly so attending on Sunday as much as possible will keep you the most informed.

    Sunday Rolls served by the Youth – organized by Jeana Wood, the youth serve rolls between services most every Sunday. Families are asked to provide the rolls, bit the youth group does try to keep a small back up or reserve in freezer in the kitchen to help supplement what the families bring. If you have any concerns with providing the rolls or not being able to make it the Sunday you’re scheduled please feel free to contact Jeana and she’ll work something out with you.

    We are planning to go on a trip this summer, but we are still discussing where!  Come to a meeting or call one of our youth leaders to discuss what options are on the table and what YOU think we should do!