Good Shepherd – Capital Campaign
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Sunday, September 21 – Kick-Off Sunday
Monday, September 22 – Start using 90 Days of Prayer
Sunday, October 5 – Wilderness First Steps Weekend Begin Wilderness Journey
Saturday, October 18 & Sunday, October 19 – Participate in Prayer Vigil & Spiritual Commitment Events
(Youth going to Roca Sacry Farms after Evening Prayer)
Monday, October 20 – Call in my RSVP to Home Gathering Host
Sunday, October 26 – Sunday, November 8 – Attend a Home Gathering and RSVP to Pledge Event
Sunday, November 23 – Attend Pledge Event (Return Pledge Card)
Sunday, December 14 – Attend Celebration on Sunday & Worship to hear Pledge Total

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE - through February 28, 2015

We Are Blessed! Current plans are to include a financial update on the Capital Campaign in the News & Notes the first two Sundays of each month. Each update, as shown below, will show the total amount collected during the previous month and during the life of the campaign. From those amounts we will subtract the expenses paid for the campaign and then show the net collections. We will also show how the net amount collected has been divided between extra principal paid on our mortgage and funds set aside for current and future expenses to have a vicar. If there are any questions about the information presented please contact Nik Sandman, Gary Baker, Ken Knaus, Dale Bornemann or Brent Stehlik.


CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE through January 31, 2015

Current plans are to include a financial update on the Capital Campaign in the News & Notes the first two Sundays of each month. Each update, as shown below, will show the total amount collected during the previous month and during the life of the campaign. From those amounts we will subtract the expenses paid for the campaign and then show the net collections. We will also show how the net amount collected has been divided between extra principal paid on our mortgage and funds set aside for current and future expenses to have a vicar. If there are any questions about the information presented please contact Nik Sandman, Gary Baker, Dale Borneman, Ken Knaus or Brent Stehlik.



HOME GATHERINGS invitations have been sent to all households already or will be sent soon. This is an opportunity to get to know some fellow Good Shepherd members in a fun way, participate in a short Bible study, look at a video put together by our technology team, and share some thoughts about Good Shepherd’s future. Please call your hosts and let them know that you plan to attend.

PRAYER VIGIL on Saturday, October 18

GOOD SHEPHERD WILL BE HOSTING A PRAYER VIGIL on Saturday, October 18th. We begin with a Service of Evening Prayer to be led by Pastor Maronde at 5 pm. Following the service you are encouraged to join in private prayer sometime between 6 pm and 11 pm that evening. Prayer cards were distributed with your invitation to a home gathering and also at church on October 5 and October 12. If you have an item/concern that you would like your brothers and sisters in Christ to include during the prayer vigil, please fill out the prayer card and place it in the basket on the table in the narthex on Sunday or bring it with you to the service and prayer vigil. If you are intending to commit to prayer for a specific time during the prayer vigil, please sign up on the sheet in the narthex. It would be God-honoring if there were someone engaged in prayer for the entire 5 hours of the vigil.

Capital Campaign Sunday Bible Studies

Click here to read or print the Capital Campaign Sunday Bible Studies

This is the group of bible studies that we are going through on Sundays between services in the fellowship hall.


You should have received your 90 Days of Prayer guide in a recent mailing from Good Shepherd. If your household could use an additional copy of the prayer guide, you will find one at the information center in the entryway.

Or Click here to view online or print a copy

A Prayer a Day - September 16th 2014

Click here to read or print A Prayer a Day - September 16th 2014

90 Days of Short Prayers For God’s Blessing on Our Congregation And Our Capital Campaign