News and Notes 12/3/17
December 5th, 2017 by

WELCOME TO GOOD SHEPHERD in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Large-print worship folders and printed liturgy are available from the ushers. Ushers will also be able to help with hearing assist devices for your audio needs. The cry room is located in the northwest corner of the sanctuary for your convenience. Please turn off all cell phones and do not bring food or drink into the sanctuary. If you have other questions or needs, please stop at the information center. You are invited to stay for coffee, juice and goodies in the fellowship hall following the 8 am service. The free-will offering at the window is used to support youth activities at Good Shepherd. Refreshment time will be followed by Sunday School (check at the information center for locations) and Bible study in the fellowship hall. Offerings gathered during Bible study will be given to Lutherans for Life. May God richly bless our time together and please come again.

BIBLE STUDY TODAY: Pastor Poppe will begin a new Bible study today “Justifying Christmas.” This study will dovetail with the Formula of Concord study, Article VIII, the person and work of Christ. As a part of the LCMS Reformation 500, this study was written and prepared by several LCMS theologians, including our own Matt Phillips.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING: Meet at the church on Saturday, December 9th for lunch and then we will break into groups and carol to our members who are shut-ins, recovering from surgery or for some reason cannot attend worship services at this time. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us to share the joy of Christ’s coming at Christmas.

LIFE MOMENT: A child who has been adopted by loving parents knows from the outset that he is love because he knows they chose him. He was not simply accepted because he was conceived and born into their midst but was sought out to become their child. God is like that with us! Although it may appear outwardly that we make our way toward God; the joyful and wonderful truth is that it is God who comes to us.

YOUNG ADULTS: The next young adult evening will be on Dec. 14th at 7 pm at the home of Jim & Violet Kirk, 1640 Marlene Dr. If you have questions, contact the church office at (402) 423-7639.

ALL LADIES of the congregation are invited to the LWIM Christmas party on Monday, Dec. 4th at 6 pm at Lazlos (Old Cheney) . Sign up sheet is at the information center. Today (Dec. 3) is the last opportunity to sign up and reserve your spot. Come share the good food and fellowship.

REVISED COMMUNION SCHEDULE: Requests have been received which have prompted the pastors and elders of Good Shepherd to make changes in the scheduling of the Lord’s Supper. Beginning today (Dec. 3rd) Holy Communion will be offered at both services on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month and at the 8 am service on the 2nd Sunday of the month and at the 10:30 am service on the 4th Sunday of the month. Questions can be directed to one of the pastors or an elder.

ADVENT MEALS: Our second Advent meal will be served by the school parents and staff on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. The menu is vegetable beef soup, potato chowder, sandwiches, and desserts. For the third Advent meal, the Boy Scouts will be serving chili and cinnamon rolls on Dec. 13th. The final Advent meal with ham & potatoes will be provided by KNNA on Wednesday, Dec. 20th.

HOMESCHOOL ORCHESTRA: The orchestra which holds rehearsals at Good Shepherd will be having a concert in the fellowship hall on Monday, December 4th at 7 pm. The congregation is welcome & encouraged to attend.

OFFERING ENVELOPES are available in the narthex. Please note that you number may have changed this year. Envelopes are placed in alphabetical order. Please pick up yours and take them with you to use in 2018. Please remember: do not use them until Jan. 1, 2018. Also, please dispose of your 2017 envelopes at the end of the year. If you are missing envelopes and would like some, please contact Tina in the church office.

REFORMATION INSERTS: The Reformation inserts were a great resource and blessing to us as we began our celebration of the Reformation 500 years after it started. Did you miss a few that you wish you had? Maybe you wish that they were bound as a book that would be a great addition to any library!
You’ll be glad to know that they have made a book of all the inserts! The book is available for $10 through Want more information? Contact Tina in the office or email her at

2018 ESTIMATE OF GIVING: As requested by the church council in a November 13th letter, please make your best estimate of how you intend to support Good Shepherd in 2018 and return it to the church by December 3rd. This information will aid in a more proactive approach to budgeting and will be solely used for that purpose. There is a basket at the information center in which to place your return slips. I Chronicles 29: 14 “ . . . Everything comes from You, and we have given You only what comes from Your hand.”

NEW LUTHERAN WOMEN IN MISSION OFFICERS FOR 2018: Debra Baker, president; Sandy Langemeier, vice president; Gerayne Yelkin, secretary; and Shelley Kurtzer, treasurer. The meeting night of this group has been changed to the 2nd Monday of the month. All ladies are welcome to attend.

STEWARDSHIP MOMENT: Philippians 1: 5 “I always thank God . . . because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” God doesn’t need anything we have. Yet He invites us to give so that we can indeed become ‘partners in the Gospel.’ This is a gift of His grace: inviting us to do significant work in the Kingdom of God.

Mon. 8:15 am Chapel
4:00 pm Homeschool Orchestra (concert begins at 7 pm)
7:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous—Rm. 108
7:00 pm Briarhurst Condo Assn.—Rm. 109
Tues. 6:00 am Men’s Bible Study
8:15 am Chapel
Wed. 5:00 pm Advent Meal—School
5:30 pm Midweek Classes
6:30 pm Midweek Service
7:30 pm Bible Study/Choir
Thurs. 8:15 am Chapel
1:00 pm LifeLight Bible Study
2 & 7 pm Sewing/Quilting Group
Fri. 8:00 am Volunteers for Christ
8:15 am Chapel
Sat. 9:00 am School/Sunday School Christmas Program Re hearsal
11:30 am Lunch & Christmas Caroling
Sun. 8 :00 am Divine Service/Communion
9:20 am Sunday School & Bible Study
10:30 am Matins
2:30 pm Gramercy Service

Elder: Chad Renter
Organist: Connie Stauffer
Acolytes: 8:00 am: Blake Macklin
10:30 am: Liz Luebbe
Greeters: 8:00 am: Arnold & Gloria Henning
10:30 am: Judith Poore
Coffeemakers: John & Linda Reigle
Information Center: Bob McClellan
Ushers: 8:00 am: Vicki Hughes, Rich & Lorelee Novak, Joel & Sarah Kaldahl
10:30 am: Ben Simnitt, Aaron Williamson
Communion Set-up: Sondra Rathjen
Communion Clean-up: Sondra Rathjen, Katy Williamson

Please contact the church office if the following prayer requests have become outdated. If you have a prayer request for the News & Notes, please contact the church office at (402) 423-7639.

  • Lois Goeres, recovering at Tabitha.
  • Mark Simnitt, recently diagnosed with cancer and considering treatment options.
  • Kaitlyn Radebaugh, having ACL surgery on Dec. 15.
  • Pastor Luke Russert, for blessings on upcoming medical procedures.
  • Deverne Malchow, father of Joy Barefoot, that his new medication will be successful.
  • Pat, daughter-in-law of Leola Krehnke, in hospice care.
  • Kaity Schneider, friend of Tina Schellenbach, for healing and favorable test results.
  • Marge Kelly, recovering from surgery at home.
  • Lavonne Myers, dealing with medical issues.
  • Diane Bolin, friend of Katy Williamson, receiving treatment
  • Noel and Carol, sister and brother-in-law of Darla Posner, facing difficult life and medical choices.
  • Charlotte Luethje, grandmother of Violet Kirk, for physical healing.
  • Celeste, niece of Joe Velasquez, struggling with cancer.
  • Del Meints, for healing of his eye.
  • Ed Velasquez, brother of Joe Velasquez, dealing with health issues.
  • Marjorie Victor, recovering from hip replacement surgery.
  • Anna Eisenmann, struggling with lupus and in treatment.
  • Sherrie Neubaum, friend of Sharon Burke, battling cancer.
  • Bonnie Gyberg, dealing with several medical issues.
  • Warren Zakapco, friend of Dale & Marilyn Meyer, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his lungs and brain cancer.
  • Ralph Humphrey, Jr., having multiple health problems.
  • Desi Kessler, recovering from surgery and anticipating additional surgery.
  • Cleo Kessler, hospitalized.
  • Harper, a good friend of Good Shepherd Lutheran School and her family as they battle to find answers and treatments for her FPIES disease.
  • Greg Garison, nephew of Joe Velasquez, undergoing intense chemo.
  • Martha Rochel, friend of Joe Velasquez, recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • The people of Venezuela and other countries where chaos reigns.
  • The family of Gary & Myrna Heckman’s daughter, Louisa, as they are dealing with the health of one of their children.
  • John Reigle, recovering from surgery at home.
  • Mildred Humphrey, recovering at home from knee replacement.
  • Rollie Victor, recovering from surgery.
  • Connie Swenson, for continued healing following knee surgery.

FOR PEACE AND COMFORT: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” John 14: 27

IN THANKSGIVING: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 136: 1

  • Natalee Fonyonga, great-niece of Jan Stehlik, for successful treatments which led to remission. Please pray for returning strength.
  • Joyce Thompson, who has returned home after a lengthy hospital stay.

THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS SERVICE will be presented on Saturday, Dec. 16th at 2 pm. Rehearsal for children who would like to participate will be on Saturday, Dec. 9th at 10 am. If your child will be participating and is not currently attending Sunday School, please bring him/her to Sunday School at 9:30 am on Sunday, Dec. 10th so that he/she will have another opportunity to learn the songs and class recitation. Thanks for your help.

Bethany Kranz

Lois Herpolsheimer Lynda Mahloch Arlene Hadenfeldt
Leola Krehnke Dr. Bob Heins Mary Ann Goeschel
Anita Armitstead Lois Goeres Don & Darlene Wiese
Kay Kohl
Ron Van Valkenburg Beth Eisenmann

Victoria Sample Betty Bluhm Rollie Victor
Cindy Fox Sheryl Chism Lynn Poppe
Anne Nelson Susanna Cantarero Zoe Groff
Willis Legband Welden Duer Nevaeh Kessler
Disney Turek

Dec. 3 Dr. Manis Edwards, Hudson Niven, Aaron Stehlik
Dec. 4 Haley Hoppes
Dec. 6 Karolyn Husa, David Perrin, Zac Zmiewski
Dec. 7 Jacob Erickson, Karen Radebaugh, Kurt Stradley
Dec 8 Ethan Buresh, Adam Olson, Brent Rade baugh, Kate Smith
Dec. 9 Brooklyn Boon, Bethany Maronde, Carolyn Schwarz, Au brey Wagner

Dec. 6 Jeff & Sara Hoyle
Don & Susanne Rydberg
Dec. 9 Ron & Janet Amack

Attendance: Sunday: 239
Wed: 50
Total: 289