News and Notes 11/19/17
November 20th, 2017 by

WELCOME TO GOOD SHEPHERD in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Large-print worship folders and printed liturgy are available from the ushers. Ushers will also be able to help with hearing assist devices for your audio needs. The cry room is located in the northwest corner of the sanctuary for your convenience. Please turn off all cell phones and do not bring food or drink into the sanctuary. If you have other questions or needs, please stop at the information center. You are invited to stay for coffee, juice, and goodies in the fellowship hall following the 8am service. The free-will offering at the window is used to support youth activities at Good Shepherd. Refreshment time will be followed by Sunday School (check at the information center for locations) and Bible study in the fellowship hall. Offerings gathered during Sunday school and Bible class will be May God richly bless our time together and please come again.

FLOWERS this Sunday have been provided by the Rathjen’s with thanks for all the blessings we have received from God.

BIBLE STUDY TODAY: In the fellowship hall we will be continuing with the study of what God’s Word tells us about sharing the gifts and talents given to us with our neighbors. The Summary of Christian Doctrine classes will also continue in room 109 between services.

YOUTH BIBLE STUDY will focus on the Reformation using the Luther movie. The class will meet in the youth room in the upper level at 9:20 am on Sundays.
BIBLE STUDIES DURING THE WEEK may be subject to time change or cancelation due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week.

JAN IS OUT OF THE OFFICE until Friday, November 24, 2017. Tina will be here most days so you may contact the church office at (402) 423-7639 as usual. Her e-mail address is You may also call or text her cell phone (785) 713–2898. Thank you for your patience.

1..2..3… 1. Do you enjoy good Christian fellowship? 2. Are you free to come to church on Friday mornings from 8am to 10am? 3. Do you like doing things to help the church fulfill it’s mission? If you can answer yes to these questions, you need to join the Volunteers for Christ on Friday mornings! Each week we fold the week’s Bulletin and News & Notes, fold mailings, place items in cubby boxes, and other small tasks as needed. The coffeepot is always on, the fellowship is great, the work is easy, and the joy of helping abounds. Each week our tasks are concluded with a short 10 –15 minute Bible study. Come once a month, once a quarter, once a year, or every Friday! You are always welcome and remember: many hands make light work. Any questions? Please contact Bob or Marlene McClellan at church or their home number at 483-2617.

LIFE MOMENT: “A child who has been adopted by loving parents knows from the outset that he is loved because he knows why they chose him. He was not simply accepted because he was conceived and born into their midst but was sought out to become their child. God is like that with us! ‘Although it may appear outwardly that we make our way toward God, the joyful and wonderful truth is that it is God who comes to us’ (Matthew the Poor).” -Abbot Tryphon, Vashon Island, Washington

KNNA/CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY are collaborating on programming for KNNA 95.7 FM. The Concordia Radio Project is recording programs in Concordia University’s campus studio and then plans to broadcast them from Lincoln. This will begin with professor and student interviews, music groups and bands from the campus in Seward and possibly branch out from there. Tune in to listen to new programming on KNNA or online at

GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN SCHOOL needs used greeting cards, especially Christmas cards, to use in various art projects. Please put these donations in the box on the bench by the school office. Thank you!

SOUNDBOARD OPERATORS are needed for both services. If you are interested in helping transmit our services to KFOR and KNNA, please contact Jim Kirk at (402) 750-9729. Training will be provided.

ALL LADIES of the congregation are invited to the LWIM Christmas party on December 4th at 6 pm at Lazlos (Old Cheney). Sign-up sheet is at the Information Center. Sign up by Dec. 3rd. Come share our Lord’s birth with good food and fellowship.

LINCOLN LUTHERAN CHOIR presents: 500: Reformed TODAY, Sunday, Nov. 19th at 3 pm at Grace Lutheran Church, 2225 Washington St., Lincoln. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the choir will be presenting Reformation-focused literature , the centerpiece of which is J. S. Bach’s BWV 80 “Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott” (A Mighty Fortress is Our God). There will be soloists, a chamber orchestra, and the All City Girls Chorus.

REFORMATION TALKING POINTS: Why even celebrate Luther? I’ve heard he said some things even Lutherans don’t agree with! Martin Luther, an intellectual giant with a strong personality, is not the true focus of the Reformation. The focus of the Reformation is God’s love and action for humanity in His Son Jesus Christ. The question of the Reformation is how a person deals with their guilty conscience. Luther and the other Reformers taught that the solution comes from outside a person, from what God did in His Son Jesus Christ. Luther proclaimed the crucified God as the center of real living.

REFORMATION INSERTS: The Reformation inserts were a great resource and blessing to us as we began our celebration of the Reformation 500 years after it started. Did you miss a few that you wish you had? Maybe you wish that they were bound as a book that would be a great addition to any library! You’ll be glad to know that they have made a book of all the inserts! The book is $10 available through Want more information? Contact Tina in the office or email her at

REVISED COMMUNION SCHEDULE: Requests have been received which have prompted the Pastor and Elders of Good Shepherd to make a change in the scheduling of the Lord’s Supper. At the start of the new church year (which begins with Advent) the Lord’s Supper will be offered at both services on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month and at the 8 am service on the 2nd Sunday of the month and at the 10:30 am service on the 4th Sunday of the month. Questions can be directed to one of the pastors or an elder.

ADVENT MEALS: The season of Advent is upon us! This means that our Advent meals will again be served before the evening service on Wednesdays in Advent. Our first meal will be served on November 29 by the Youth of Good Shepherd. The second one, on December 6, will be served by the school. Please note that the December 20th slot is still available.

2018 ESTIMATE OF GIVING: As requested by Church Council in a November 13 letter, please make your best estimate of how you intend to support Good Shepherd in 2018 and return it to the church by December 3. This information will aid in a more proactive approach to budgeting and will be solely used for that purpose. 1 Chronicles 29:14 “… Everything comes from You, and we have give You only what comes from Your hand.”

STEWARDSHIP MOMENT: Philippians 3: 19: “Their end is destructions, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.” There is danger in setting our minds on earthly things, serving mammon, and caring more for our bodily comfort than our spiritual well-being. God does not tell us to be faithful and generous in our stewardship of the things of this earth to ruin our fun. Rather, He tells us to give generously to teach us how to make sure the things of this world do not lay a hold of our hearts.

Mon. 8:15 am Chapel
4:00 pm Homeschool Orchestra
7:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous
Tues. 6:00 am Men’s Bible Study
8:15 am Chapel
6:30 pm Thanksgiving Service
7:30 pm Bible Study/Choir
9:00 am Thanksgiving Service
8:00 am Volunteers for Christ
Sun. 8:00 am Order of Matins
9:20 am Bible Study and Sunday School
10:30 am Divine Service/Communion

Elder: Matt Phillips
Organist: Connie Stauffer
Acolytes: 8:00 am: Clare Macklin
10:30 am: Connor Nelson
Greeters: 8:00 am: Greg & Shelley Kurtzer
10:30 am: Arlene Nelson
Coffeemakers: Jerry & Lori Sidlo
Information Center: Don & Peggy Olson
Ushers: 8:00 am: Ben Prenosil, Allen & Anna Wilkens, Dave & Pam Schmeling
10:30 am: Roger & Gaylene Potter, Dale & Marilyn Meyer
Communion Set-up: Sondra Rathjen
Communion Clean-up: Gayleen Potter

Please contact the church office if the following prayer requests have become outdated. If you have a prayer request for the News & Notes, please contact the church office at (402) 423-7639.

  • Lois Goeres, recovering at Tabitha.
  • Kaitlyn Radebaugh, recovering from a sports injury to the knee
  • Mark Simnitt, recently diagnosed with cancer and considering treatment options.
  • Pastor Mark Duer, former member of Good Shepherd, as he considers a call to Illinois.
  • Mariah Niemeyer (Stradley), recovering from surgery.
  • Natalee Fonyonga, niece of Jan Stehlik, diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She will be undergoing chemo.
  • Noel and Carol, sister and brother-in-law of Darla Posner, facing difficult life and medical choices.
  • Charlotte Luethje, grandmother of Violet Kirk, for physical healing.
  • Celeste, niece of Joe Velasquez, struggling with cancer.
  • Del Meints, for healing of his eye.
  • Ed Velasquez, brother of Joe Velasquez, dealing with health issues.
  • Marjorie Victor, anticipating hip surgery on November 21
  • Rollie Victor, recovering from surgery
  • Anna Eisenmann, struggling with lupus and in treatment.
  • Sherrie Neubaum, friend of Sharon Burke, battling cancer.
  • Bonnie Gyberg, dealing with several medical issues.
  • Warren Zakapco, friend of Dale & Marilyn Meyer, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his lungs and brain cancer.
  • Ralph Humphrey, Jr., having multiple health problems.
  • Desi Kessler, recovering from surgery and anticipating additional surgery.
  • Joyce Thompson, recovering from surgery at home
  • Cleo Kessler, hospitalized.
  • Harper, a good friend of Good Shepherd Lutheran School and her family as they battle to find answers and treatments for her FPIES disease.
  • Greg Garison, nephew of Joe Velasquez, undergoing intense chemo.
  • Martha Rochel, friend of Joe Velasquez, recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • The people of Venezuela and other countries where chaos reigns.
  • The family of Gary & Myrna Heckman’s daughter, Louisa, as they are dealing with the health of one of their children.
  • John Reigle, recovering from surgery at home.
  • Bob Yelkin, recovering from surgery.
  • Mildred Humphrey, recovering at home from knee replacement.
  • Diane Bolin, friend of Katy Williamson, beginning treatment for brain cancer.
  • Lavonne Myers, dealing with medical issues.
  • Clarabelle Brakhahn, mother of Patty Stradley, on hospice care.
  • Marge Kelly, recovering from surgery at home.
  • Hilda Eitzmann, recovering from surgery.

FOR PEACE AND COMFORT: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” John 14: 27

  • For the family of Jason Macklin, mourning the loss of his grandmother
  • For the family of Patty Stradley, mourning the loss of her mother

IN THANKSGIVING: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 136: 1

  • For Nancy Velasquez, in thanksgiving for a successful procedure

Bethany Kranz

Lois Herpolsheimer Lynda Mahloch Arlene Hadenfeldt
Leola Krehnke Dr. Bob Heins Mary Ann Goeschel
Anita Armitstead Lois Goeres Don & Darlene Wiese
Kay Kohl

Ron Van Valkenburg Beth Eisenmann

Victoria Sample Betty Bluhm Rollie Victor
Cindy Fox Sheryl Chism Lynn Poppe
Anne Nelson Susanna Cantarero Zoe Groff
Willis Legband Welden Duer Nevaeh Kessler
Disney Turek

Nov. 20 Colleen Sandman
Nov. 21 Declan Reinke, Noah Sidlo
Nov. 22 Sondra Rathjen, Aron Wiest
Nov. 23          Harrison Ainsworth, Ashley Schroeder
Nov. 24          Ronald VanValkenburg
Nov. 25          Sarah Kaldahl, Brooklynn Renzy
Nov. 26          Haley Ficken, Todd Hoehne, Pamela Schmeling

Nov. 20          Joe and Nancy Velasquez

Attendance: Sunday: 288
Wed:  71
Total: 359