September Newsletter
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October Newsletter  2017

Sept. 28th-Plum Creek Festival in Seward
Sept. 21st/22nd – Parent/Teacher Conf.
Sept. 22nd – No School
Sept. 22nd –Family Fun Night!  Featuring:  THE STRING BEANS!
Oct. 7th – Pumpkin Run
Oct. 9th –Columbus Day
Oct. 10th –Picture Retakes!
Oct. Eileen’s Cookie sale- more info to come!

Office Hours   We are thrilled to serve you and answer any of your questions may have.  Our office hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  If you are calling after 4:00pm, please leave your number and your message and we will return your call on the following school day.

From Mrs. Barefoot

We are off to a great start to another exciting school year, learning and growing in our knowledge and skills.  Students in kindergarten through second grade welcomed Mrs. Barefoot as their main classroom teacher and Vicar Short as their Religion and Memory teacher.  Students in grades 3-7 welcomed Mr. Barefoot as their main classroom teacher, with Pastor Poppe, Pastor Maronde, and Vicar Short covering Religion, Latin, Logic, and Memory.  In Religion, all grades cover the same topic or lesson each week which is tied to the church year and thus coordinates with the church’s Bible readings, lessons, and hymns.  We heartily thank our volunteers thus far (Mr. Sandman, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs.  Novak, and Mrs. Kiriloff) and look forward to welcoming other volunteers as the year progresses.

In Math, K-2 students have worked with patterns, writing numbers, graphing, one-to-one correspondence, math facts, and acting out story problems.  First Grade Grammar classes have focused on lots of classifying, which students learned is another word for grouping.  Now they are looking forward to doing classifying of words and working in their grammar books.  Second grade Grammar has already worked with alphabetizing, synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary words, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, jingles, and classifying sentences.   Literature classes have allowed students to experience many wonderful books including Curious George, Caps for Sale, Dr. DeSoto, Big Chickens Fly the Coop, Apple Picking Time, Ella, Fish Out of Water, Fast Food, Keep the Lights Burning Abbie, and Sophie’s Tom.   We look forward to our September field trip to the Plum Creek Literacy Festival in Seward, where we will meet several authors of children’s books and have opportunities to get books autographed.  In Handwriting, children are working hard writing their best letters and words and finding the mistakes Mrs. Barefoot makes in forming the letters on the board.  Our beginning Science unit provided information about eclipses, God’s design in space, and first-hand experience viewing the August 21st total eclipse.   In History classes, first and second graders learned about the Monroe Doctrine and Erie Canal, while kindergartners have done activities about their place in the world.  During music classes, all students have been experiencing how music has affected people and how it has changed over the course of human history.

We thank you for your prayers and support as we proceed through the year.   May God’s Blessings be yours and ours as we grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


From Mr. Barefoot

Let me begin by thanking ALL of the parents and volunteers who have made my first month of teaching at Good Shepherd a great blessing!  The meals on Friday, the generous donations for science field trips, the drivers and chaperones on the field trip, and the volunteers for “read aloud” and recess duty at school are greatly appreciated.  Let me add another big thank you to any I have failed to mention.

The six young mathematicians of the upper grades are all working hard.  For the Algebra ½ students, the primary emphasis has been on solving problems with fractional proportions, volume of rectangular, triangular and circular combinational solids, and understanding positive and negative integers.  This has been very challenging, but these valiant 7th graders are rising to the challenge.  The Math 5/4 and 7/6 students are all currently doing quite well in the review of basic operations, and are preparing for more difficult tasks to come with enthusiasm.

For Grammar and English, all students are reviewing basic sentence structure, parts of sentences, proper speech, handwriting, phonemes and spelling words.  Older students are studying complete vs. incomplete sentences, gerunds, phrases, infinitives and appositives.  In the related language art of literature, older students did a quick survey of The Diary of Anne Frank, and are currently reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  Younger students have read three adventures from Homer Price, and will continue reading Homer Price throughout September.

Students in History have studied the Monroe Doctrine and the Erie Canal, and will begin Age of Jackson during the 4th week of September.  In a related strand of social studies, Geography, students have completed a review of basic geographical terms, and are now studying the nations of Europe.

For Science, the Great American Eclipse of 2017 afforded an opportunity to study God’s creation with a visit the Concordia University in Seward.  The weather was mostly good, and students had a variety of opportunities to view and experience a bona fide total eclipse.  Students are also studying ecosystems, and how God made each organism perfect for its environment.

Once again, we thank our Lord Jesus for providing us with outstanding parents, staff and students.  May He continue to be our rock and inspiration for the remainder of the school year.


Preschool Notes from Mrs. Hanson & Mrs. Bock

Each day in preschool is very busy…

finding our names, hanging up coats and backpacks

emptying our cubbies and loading up our backpacks

following directions

pledge of allegiance to the American Flag

pledge to the Christian Flag

singing the months of the year & days of the week

good bathroom manners & proper hand washing

pouring our own beverages at snack time

cleaning up after ourselves at snack

sorting toys at clean up

being patient, kind and respecting others

During the first weeks of school,

  • We had chapel with the Pastor Poppe, Pastor and Vicar Short. The children enjoyed meeting our pastoral staff at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and they were very anxious to learn about Jesus through bible lesson, bible verses and song. Even though we are learning several different names at preschool; Jesus is the most important name we will ever learn! Each week, your preschooler will bring home a color sheet with the bible lesson printed on the back. Please take time to use this informative resource as a small devotion time with your preschooler and ask them questions about their bible lesson for the week.

Bible Lessons for September: First Sin, Jesus Blesses the Children, Noah, and Abraham.

Memory verse for September:

Jesus said, ”My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

Also during the month of September……

  • during the week of September 3rd, we will be tracing/writing the letter “a”.
  • learn apple facts: there are 5 petals on the apple tree blossom and five seeds in each apple.
  • learn Fire Safety rules


Friday, September 22nd 5 to 8 p.m.

Mark your calendars NOW for Friday, September 22nd! Good Shepherd Lutheran School & Preschool invite you to attend an evening of fun and fellowship to celebrate God’s Family. We will start serving a hotdog & sloppy jo meal at 5, games and activities start at 5:30 p.m. followed by a family concert at 7:00 featuring THE STRING BEANS!

Just a few reminders…

  • if you have not turned in your child’s superstar poster….


  • Please  remember to have your preschool daughter wear shorts or pants under all dresses and skirts! We try to have a recess time each day at preschool. We know that the children like to wear sandals in warm weather, but wearing a closed shoe is more comfortable with the gravel.

2017-2018 Snack List

grapes                Goldfish crackers         cheese

apples                Ritz crackers                string cheese

strawberries      Cheez-its          pretzels(Rold Gold)

bananas             Club crackers          Teddy Grahams

applesauce         Club crackers(whole-wheat)                     yogurt

watermelon       Scooby-Doo graham crackers                     Honey Graham Crackers (Hy-Vee & Honey Maid)

All Snacks must be TREE NUT and PEANUT FREE! All items that may have been processed on equipment that also processes tree nuts and peanuts will NOT be served.

Home canned and homemade snacks are not allowed and all meats must be from an inspected source (store).

Have a great week in the Lord!


Eileen Cookie Dough Sales are coming in October!

Selling Eileen’s Cookie Dough has always been a very profitable fundraiser for our school and very easy to do.

There is no need to go house to house to strangers you don’t know….

We just suggest that you approach family, friends and co-workers. To be honest with you, this cookie dough is so popular, it sells itself! If each family sells just 10 tubs of dough, we would be able to make $5000 for our school! We will send more detailed information in the future. Thank you for all your help! Please remember all proceeds will benefit Good Shepherd Lutheran School and Preschool.

Newsletter Oct. 2017