News and Notes 9/3/17
September 3rd, 2017 by

WELCOME TO GOOD SHEPHERD in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Large-print worship folders and printed liturgy are available from the ushers. Ushers will also be able to help with hearing assist devices for your audio needs. The cry room is located in the northwest corner of the sanctuary for your convenience. Please turn of all cell phones and do not bring food or drink into the sanctuary. If you have other questions or needs, please stop at the information center. You are invited to stay for coffee, juice, and goodies in the fellowship hall following the 8 am service. The free-will offering at the window is used to support youth activities at Good Shepherd. Refreshment time will be follow by Sunday School (check at the information center for locations) and Bible study in the fellowship hall. May God richly bless our time together and please come again.

MISSION OFFERING: Funds gathered during Bible study on Sundays for the months of September and October will be designated to be sent to Saint Philip Lutheran Mission Society to benefit the seminary in Pretoria, South Africa.

BIBLE STUDY TODAY:  Pastor Maronde will be leading the Bible study in the fellowship hall. Because we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this year, we have been studying the Formula of Concord, one of the key confessional documents in the Book of Concord. Topics include original sin, free will, justification, good works, the Lord’s Supper, and predestination. Today’s lesson focuses on the Lord’s Supper.

YOUTH BIBLE STUDY will focus on studying the Reformation using the Luther movie. Pastor Maronde, Vicar Short, Marc & Beth Huff, and Andrew & Jeana Wood will be leading these sessions. This class will meet in the youth room on the upper level beginning at 9:20 am on Sundays.

SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS, team teachers, subs, and helpers are needed for Sunday School classes this year. Parents, grandparents, young adults, etc. are encouraged to volunteer. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Mark Simnitt at home (402) 486-3782 or on his cell phone at (402) 326-9926.

THANK YOU to all who helped with teaching Summer Sunday School so that our regular teachers could have a summer break. We appreciate the participation of Joy Barefoot, Beth Huff, Matt Philips, Marilyn Meyer, Aaron Wagner, and Jerika Perrin.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Family Fun Night on Friday, September 22 from 5-8 pm. There are sign-up sheets on the table in the narthex for volunteers to sign up to staff booths, serve food, bring food, set up and clean up, etc. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

MIDWEEK BIBLE STUDY: Vicar Short will be leading a Bible study on Wednesday evenings following the midweek service (about 7:30 pm). This class will meet in the fellowship hall and will study Psalm 119.

LIFE MOMENT: You do not have to be “wise” or “powerful” or “noble” (I Corinthians 1: 26) by worldly standards to be used by God to take on the evil in this world. As shown by the cross of His Son, He works through seeming foolishness and weakness and lowliness to defeat evil and bring life and immortality. You do not need to boast in yourselves to make a difference. “Boast in the Lord” (1: 30).

USHERS MEETING: There will be a meeting of current ushers and/or those wanting to learn more about ushering between services on Sunday, Sept. 10th.

STEWARDSHIP MOMENT: II Corinthians 3: 5 “Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God.” We are not sufficient, not enough, not capable in and of ourselves. But God gives us what is enough, what is sufficient, and makes us capable. That is the beginning of wisdom: we are utterly dependent on God’s mercy. Our whole Christian life flows from this dependence: for if we are dependent upon the Lord, how can we not follow His Commandments and walk in His way?

RECYCLING: Beginning in April 2018 Lincoln will ban the disposal of cardboard from the landfills. A recycling bin has been place in the kitchen for all cardboard, glass, plastic, paper, and cans. Also, located at the outside lower level by the trash bins, is a recycling bin for the kitchen container to be emptied into for recycling pickup. Questions about the recycling may be directed to Aaron Boucher.

“HARVEY” RELIEF: We have LCMS congregations in 161 communities hit by this storm. Specific volunteer opportunities will be communicated in the days and week ahead, and you can sign up to volunteer at For more information you can call the Church Information Center at 888-843-5267 to speak with an LCMS representative. You can also get updated information at

THANK YOU to all who attended the August LWIM (Lutheran Women in Mission) event. Guest speaker, Elfi Lee, co-author of the book Watching Over Me, has donated a copy of her book to the Good Shepherd library if you did not get a chance to attend,  please check out the book. A copy was also presented to several of our school students for the school library. A big thank you also to all who donated games, books, hats and gloves to the Food Fort probject. The Food Fort bus is equipped for cooler weather and activities for the children they serve.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! SAVE THE DATE! On Saturday, October 21, Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE will host a 2017 Lutherans for Life Regional Conference with the theme HOPE FOR LIFE. Speakers will be Rev. Michael Salemink, Executive Director of Lutherans for Life; Laura Davis, Director of Y4 Life, LFL’s outreach to youth; Brian Young, speaker on Creation and Biblical authority; and Greg Baker speaking on “Christian Witness in the Public Square”. David  Zach and his band, Remedy Drive, will present a preconference concert at St. John’s in Seward on Friday evening and will speak on “Human Trafficking.”
Registration is $50 for adults and $25 for students and includes the noon meal. To register for the conference and for more information go to Nebraska Lutherans for Life is offering scholarships to cover the registration fee. To apply for a registration scholarship, contact Nebraska LFL treasurer, Kirk Goertzen at 402-725-3593 or Questions? Call Sandy Langemeier at 402-486-1361.

DISNEY TUREK is this year’s “Take Steps” Crohn’s and Colitis Honored Hero. His team is having another eat out fundraiser at Runza, on 33rd and HWY 2 on Monday, Sept. 11th from 5-8 pm. Everyone is welcome. Runza will donate 15 % of each sale from anyone who comes to the restaurant. You can even go through the drive-thru! Thank you again for all your support and prayers for Disney.

TODAY’s REFORMATION INSERT is about Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of all time and also a devout and orthodox Lutheran. He always included at the end of his musical score the phrase “Soli Deo Gloria” which is Latin for “To God Alone be the Glory.”

PAINTBALL AT CJ’S PAINTBALL PARK: Youth are invited to meet at church on Sept. 9th at 10:00 am for this event. The fee will be $15 per person playing. The youth group will cover the rest of the cost. Please wear long sleeves and long pants even if it’s warm outside for safety. We will pool all the paint balls into one group box and play until we run out! Please let Andrew & Jeana Wood 402.369.2691 or or Marc & Beth Huff 402.890.9752 or know if you are planning to attend.

ORPHAN GRAIN TRAIN will hold its 25th anniversary convention on Sept. 15-16 at Divots Conference Center in Norfolk, NE. For more information or to register go to  or call 877-271-7393.

CHOIR PRACTICES will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 13th following the midweek service (about 7:30 pm). New voices are welcome.

4:00 pm Homeschool Orchestra
7:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous
Tues. 6:00 am Men’s Bible Study
8:15 am Chapel
6:45 pm Stephen Ministry
Wed. 5:30 pm Midweek Classes
6:30 pm Midweek Service
7:30 pm Bible Study—Psalm 119
Thurs. 8:15 am Chapel
1 pm LifeLight Bible Study
2:00 pm Homeschool Choirs
2 & 7 pm Sewing/Quilting Group
Fri 8:00 am Volunteers for Christ
8:15 am Chapel
Sun.                8:00 am            Matins
9:20 am            Sunday School & Bible Study
10:30 am            Divine Service/Communion
2:30 pm            Gramercy Service

PLEASE, SIR, MAY I HAVE SOME MORE?: Just as little Oliver Twist longed to fill his belly, so too do the students of Good Shepherd Lutheran School long to fill their minds. Good Shepherd has expanded to 7th grade this year! Our school has expanded, but our beautiful school library needs a little help to meet the need. WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO HELP US IN THIS ENDEAVOR? A special wish list has been created to support the needs of our 6th and 7th grade students. A special wish list has been created to support the needs of our 6th & 7th grade students.
Go to: wishlist lists
Select a book from the list to add to your cart. (used books in good condition are just fine, too!)
Add to any regular Amazon order.
If you have any questions contact Bethany at:

Elder: Ken Knaus Organist: Connie Stauffer
Acolytes: 8 am: Maddie Schmeling
10:30 am: Connor Nelson
Greeters: 8 am: Sandy Langemeier
10:30 am: Lyle & Anne Nelson
Coffeemakers: Sharon Wilkens, Connie Swenson
Information Center: Bob McClellan
Ushers: 8 am: Vicki Hughes, Rich & Lorelee Novak, Joel & Sarah Kaldahl
10:30 am: Joe & Sharon Burke, Dennis & Reva Von Busch, Willis Legband
Communion Set-up:            Sondra Rathjen
Communion Clean-up:            Gayleen Potter

Please contact the church office if the following prayer  requests become outdated. If you have a prayer request for the News & Notes, please contact the church office at 402-423-7639.

  • Kay Kohl, recovering at Tabitha from a fall.
  • Barbara Kumm, recovering from knee surgery.
  • Natalee Fonyonga, niece of Jan Stehlik, diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She will be undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Noel and Carol, sister and brother-in-law of Darla Posner, facing difficult life and medical choices.
  • Charlotte Luethje, grandmother of Violet Kirk, for physical healing.
  • Kristen Liguori, sister of Karolyn Husa.
  • Sharon Wilkens, receiving physical therapy.
  • Celeste, niece of Joe Velasquez, struggling with cancer.
  • Del Meints, for healing of his eye.
  • Ed Velasquez, brother of Joe Velasquez, dealing with health issues.
  • Cindy Worster, friend of Cathy Meints, for pain relief.
  • Mildred Humphrey, receiving treatment for a sore knee.
  • Marj Victor, anticipating hip surgery.
  • Anna Eisenmann, struggling with lupus and in treatment.
  • Larry Eisenmann, battling cancer and receiving chemo.
  • Sherrie Neubaum, friend of Sharon Burke, battling cancer.
  • Bonnie Gyberg, dealing with several medical issues.
  • Warren Zakapco, friend of Dale & Marilyn Meyer, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his lungs and brain cancer.
  • Ralph Humphrey, Jr., having multiple health problems.
  • Shelly Ball, daughter of a friend of Cathy Meints, that doctors would find the cause and treatment for her medical issues.
  • Desi Kessler, recovering from surgery and anticipating additional surgery.
  • members.

The people of Venezuela and other countries where people are struggling to survive, especially for the family of Ramon Marcano, Good Shepherd member.

IN THANKSGIVING: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 136: 1
For Mark & Bethany Kranz, expecting their second child.
For Bob & Elaine Van Valkenburg, celebrating their 62nd anniversary.

Lois Herpolsheimer Lynda Mahloch Arlene Hadenfeldt
Leola Krehnke Dr. Bob Heins Mary Ann Goeschel
Anita Armitstead Lois Goeres Don & Darlene Wiese

Ron Van Valkenburg Beth Eisenmann

Victoria Sample Betty Bluhm Rollie Victor
Cindy Fox Sheryl Chism Lynn Poppe
Anne Nelson Susanna Cantarero Zoe Groff
Willis Legband Welden Duer Diane Greckel
Nevaeh Kessler

Sept. 3 Reese Shriner, Deryl Travis
Sept. 4 Vern Jansky, Madeline Johnson, Izen Mercer, Sam Perrin, Amanda Wimmer
Sept. 5 Ryan Theewen
Sept. 6 Myrna Heckman, Arnold Henning, Greg Potter
Sept. 7 Caraline Higgins, Deb Princ, Reid Voog
Sept. 9 Carter Rezny, Shelley Stolcpart

Sept. 4           Bob & Elaine Van Valkenburg (62nd anniversary)
Sept. 9           Daren & Sheila Turek


2017 FALL ISSUES, ETC. “MAKING THE CASE” CONFERENCE will be held on Fri., November 10 and Sat., Nov. 11 at Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston, TX.
Speakers lined up for the convention are:

  • Mollie Hemingway & Mark Hemingway of “Fox News” and “The Weekly Standard” : “Making a Case for Regious Liberty” and “Making a Case for Christians Engaging the News Media”
  • Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller of “Table Talk Radio” : “Making the Case of Jesus for You”
  • Rod Dreher of “The American Conservative”: “Making the Case for the Benedict Option”
  • Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute: “Making the Case against the Sexual Revolution”
  • Dr. Scott Murray of “Law, Life, and the Living God”: “Making the Case for Christian Marriage”

The conference is $120 per person and includes three meals. Child care is free. Conference attendance is limited to 400. Go to the website for more information or to register.