Pastor Thomas Bernard
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Thanks for the opportunity to visit by telephone on Monday concerning Pastor Thomas Bernard and his church/school and orphanage in Port Au Prince Haiti.  We will plan to have Pastor Thomas at Good Shepherd Church on Sunday, October 22  I have attached a short biography of Pastor Thomas and background information for his church/school—Good Sheppard Evangelical Lutheran Church.  I have also attached a 3 minute video that Kris/Tim Costello have made summarizing the immense challenges in Haiti but also the hope.  If appropriate, you may also want to include the video for that Sunday’s presentation.

Thanks—-Roger Moore

Thomas Bernard is a Lutheran Pastor in Haiti. In 1988 he graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. There, he received his theological education that continues to have a positive impact in his ministry. Pastor Bernard is also an instructor who, in 1993 founded CEL (College Evangelique le Lutherien) located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti the capital city. Furthermore he also planted the seeds 3 different congregations and 2 other schools in the capital: Village Coracess (church and school), Village of peace (church), Leogane (church and school).

Mr. Bernard is the Pastor serving at Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran church of Haiti (Port-au-Prince). He is supervising the work of other pastors working in the Port-Au-Prince district.

In the previous years, he was frequently asked to speak to different congregations in the United States on behalf of those in need.

He is a member of the executive committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti, where he serves the function of Secretary. Pastor Thomas takes great pride in the work that is being done for the country and is hoping that more and more Haitian people proclaim Christ as their savior.

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