News and Notes 3/12/17
March 12th, 2017 by

WELCOME TO GOOD SHEPHERD in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Large-print worship folders and printed liturgy are available from the ushers. Ushers will also be able to help with hearing assist devices for your audio needs. The cry room is located in the northwest corner of the sanctuary for your convenience. If you have other questions or needs, please stop at the information center. We invite you to stay for coffee, juice and goodies provided by the youth of Good Shepherd in the fellowship hall following the 8 am service. The free-will offering at the window is used to support youth activities at Good Shepherd. Refreshment time will be followed by Sunday School in the classrooms (Check at the information center for locations.) and Bible study in the fellowship hall. The offerings gathered during Bible study are sent to support the Ahlman family in Germany as they serve in the mission field. May God richly bless our time together and please come again.

BIBLE STUDY TODAY: Pastor Poppe will be leading a study of the Formula of Concord, one of the key confessional documents in the Book of Concord. This study is a part of our year-long emphasis on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (Oct. 31, 2017). Today we continue to study the doctrine of “Justification.”

USHERS are needed to fill teams for the 10:30 am services on Sundays and some 6:30 pm services on some Wednesday evenings. Volunteers serve for a month of services and then will be off-duty for 3-4 months. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Dale Meyer, (402) 484-8599.

SUMMARY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE: Pastor Maronde will begin a study of the basics of the Christian faith as taken from God’s Word on Sunday, March 12th at 9:20 am in room 109. If you would like to learn more about what Lutherans believe, teach and confess or if you simply want to review the basics, this class is for you. Topics covered will include: Who is God?; Sin and Grace; Who is Jesus?; Salvation; Baptism; the Lord’s Supper; Confession and Absolution; etc. Check with Pastor Maronde if you have any questions.

LIFE MOMENT: True disability is when a person forgets ‘God does not make junk.’ Every single day is an opportunity for each person to meet their full potential, and each person is a gift from God – braces, tubes, wheelchair, trachs, catheters, or whatever may just be part of that package.

PRAYERS FOR YOUR FAMILY – FOR SELF-CONTROL: “Father, help my children to not be like many others around them, but let them be alert and self-controlled in all they do.” (I Thess. 5: 6)

LENTEN MEAL: KNNA radio personnel will be serving the Lenten meal on March 15th (sloppy joes, chips, green beans, and desserts). The free-will donations for the meal will be designated to be used to cover expenses for the radio station. Please join us for dinner between 5 pm and 6:15 pm and stay for the Lenten service to follow at 6:30 pm.

STEWARDSHIP MOMENT: Matthew 15: 27 – “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.” These are the words of faith, for faith means receiving what God gives. And God has given us so much more that just the crumbs that fall from the table – He has given us life, salvation, body and soul, eyes and ears, possessions and income. That’s where our stewardship starts: with faith in the God who is the greatest Giver.

EASTER LILIES are used to beautify our sanctuary in celebration of our Lord’s resurrection. If you would like to order a lily, there will be a sign-up sheet on the table in the narthex. The cost will be $10.00. If paying by check, please make the check out to Good Shepherd and designate that it is for flowers. If you would like to dedicate you lily in honor of, or in memory of someone, please write this on the envelope.

MISSIONARY SUPPORT FOR THE AHLMAN FAMILY: Lutheran Women in Mission (LWIM) has designated Good Shepherd members: The Rev. Dr. Christopher and Deaconess Elizabeth Ahlman and their children as our mission project for the 2017 Lenten season. The Ahlmans live in Leipzig, Germany. Christopher serves as an evangelistic missionary throughout Eurasia while Elizabeth serves as the communication specialist for Eurasia. They have three children: Thomas, Matthias, and Helene with a fourth child due in June. You may remember that Dr. Ahlman was our organist and choir director at Good Shepherd while he awaited a call several years ago.
Our fundraising began on March 8th with the Lenten meal. Free-will donations were earmarked to be sent to the Ahlmans for financial assistance with transportation and travel, new baby needs, housing, medicine and medical expenses, teaching supplies, music supplies, visas, etc. Check out the table in the narthex for more information about this project. Envelopes are available at the table for donations. You may place checks or cash in these envelopes (Be sure to put your name on the envelope if you donate cash so that we may include this contribution on your year-end statement.) and place them in the offering plate at any service. Make out the checks to “Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.”

FOOD BARRELS: Non-perishable items may be brought to Good Shepherd and placed in the blue barrels for distribution to those in need through the Food Pantry. Let’s try to fill both barrels by the pick-up date of the second Tuesday in April.

SPRING CLEAN-UP: Volunteers are needed for our annual Spring clean-up of the flower beds in preparation for Easter on Saturday, April 1 at 9 am. Please bring leaf bags, rakes, clippers, gloves and brooms for cleaning up the flower beds. Coffee and rolls will be provided. If the weather is too cold or not suitable for working outside on April 1st, we will plan to meet the next weekend (Saturday, April 8th). Thanks for your assistance.

VOTERS MEETING UPDATE: The financial statements presented at the January Voters meeting showed a checking account balance of $49,437.81. The information given did not adequately indicate that a significant part of that balance included funds to be transferred to the Vicar account and to be applied to the mortgage principal from the capital campaign. The finance committee is working to address this issue by developing procedures to assist the treasurer in making these transfers on a more timely basis. We are also working to provide segregated reporting for each of these funds and provide more clarity in amounts received and disbursed for each fund.

GOOD SHEPHERD YOUTH are invited to try their hand at the somewhat ancient sport of rolling a ball down a narrow strip of wood with the sole purpose of obliterating any objects at the end of the said path. Meet at church on March 18th at 1 pm to head over to Parkway Lanes to have a good laugh at how horrible we all are at something that sounds so simple. Bring $10 to start; youth account will cover the rest. Plan on two games. We get a group rate if we have over 20 bowlers! Contact Marc Huff (402) 890-9752 or if you have any questions.

LWML ZONE SPRING WORKSHOP: All women are invited to come to the zone workshop at Faith Lutheran Church, 8701 Adams St. Park in the south lot and enter via the southwest doors. This event will be on Saturday, April 8th from 8:30 – 11:30 am. Registration is $2.00. We will begin with refreshments at 8:30 am. The theme is “The Gift of Service” based on I Peter 4: 10. For our servant event we will make developmental cloth hearts and LWML bookmarks. Please bring cloth scissors, paper scissors, paper punch, and colored pencils.

ARE YOU LOOKING for a Christ-Centered School for your child? Good Shepherd Lutheran School & Preschool is now accepting registrations for the 2017-2018 school year. School and preschool brochures are on the school table in the narthex. Preschoolers must be potty trained and 3 years old on or before the first day of their attendance. Please call the school office at (402) 423-7677 to schedule a tour.
“For the sake of the church we must have and maintain Christian schools.” ~Martin Luther

REFORMATION INSERTS: Today we will continue with week seventeen in a series of inserts in the News and Notes that will lead up to the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation celebration. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany kicking off the Lutheran Reformation. These inserts were created by the pastors of the Southeast Circuit of the North Dakota District of the LCMS to offer opportunities for additional learning about the history of the Church before the Reformation took place, and how God worked to bring His Church back to the Word of God. We continue today with a look at “Luther and Cardinal Cajetan.”

LENTEN MEAL – LUTHERANS FOR LIFE: Owen’s Mission is a very special project of Lutherans for Life. The goal of this project is to honor Jesus by presenting a set of Touch of Life fetal models to every Lutheran elementary and high school in the country. (That’s 1078 schools affecting 139,000 students.) We want students to understand the God-given value of each life from the moment of conception. We want student to be motivated by what God has done as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier that gives value to life. We want students to value themselves and to value others as persons because of this God-given value. Lutherans for Life will be sponsoring the Lenten meal (lasagna and the fixings) on March 22nd and the free-will offering is designated to assist with this project.

ORPHAN GRAIN TRAIN LINCOLN COLLECTION CENTER will be open from 9 am – 12 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month. They are located at 2316 Kimarra Pl. in Lincoln. Questions? Contact Dick Waechter at (402) 450-4368.

LINCOLN LUTHERAN CHOIR will present a concert on Sunday, April 2nd at Grace Lutheran Church in Lincoln at 3 pm. Brett Epperson, the choir’s artistic director and conductor has selected our theme: “Peace, Rest, Renewal.” The program takes the shape of a musical prayer seeking lasting peace, quality rest, and time for spiritual renewal. The Lincoln Lutheran High School choir will join us in several selections. As always, the concert will include congregational singing. Come sing with us!

Mon. 8:15 am Chapel
   4:30 pm Homeschool Orchestra
   7:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous
Tues. 6:00 am Men’s Bible study
   8:15 am Chapel
Wed. 12:15 pm Lenten service
   5:00 pm Lenten Meal – KNNA
   5:30 pm NO MIDWEEK
   6:30 pm Lenten Service
   7:30 pm Bible study/Choir
Thurs. 8:15 am Chapel
   12:00 pm Homeschool Speech & Debate Group
   1:00 pm LifeLight Bible study
   2:00 pm Homeschool Choirs
   2 pm & 7 pm Quilting & Sewing Group
Fri. 8:00 am Volunteers for Christ
   8:15 am Chapel
Sat. 7:00 am Elders Mtg.
   10:30 am Homestead Service
   1:00 pm Youth Bowling
   1 pm Bridal Shower
Sun. 8:00 am Divine Service/Communion
   9:20 am Sunday School & Bible Study
   10:30 am Matins

Elder: Matt Phillips
Organist: Connie Stauffer
Acolytes: 8 am: Aiden Jazwick
   10:30 am: Madison Crocker
Greeters: 8 am: Ryan & Jessica Theewen
   10:30 am: Carolyn Schwarz
Coffeemakers: Nancy Stepp, Loree Kirilloff
Information Center: Don & Peg Olson
Ushers: 8 am: Tim Higgins, Maynard Michel, Clyde & Helen Naber
   10:30 am: Roger & Gayleen Potter, Dale & Marilyn Meyer
Communion Set-Up: Ginger Borneman
Communion Clean-up: Katherine Williamson

Please contact the church office if the following prayer requests have become outdated. If you have a prayer request for the News & Notes or for the prayer chain, please contact the church office at (402) 423-7639.
* Jerry McGinn, friend of Bob Van Valkenburg, battling multiple severe medical problems.
* Celeste, niece of Joe Velasquez, struggling with cancer.
* Chip, grandson-in-law of Mary Ann Proescholdt, recovering from spinal surgery and rehabing at home. He continues to deal with cancer issues.
* Maureen Marshall, recovering from foot surgery.
* Ed Velasquez, brother of Joe Velasquez, dealing with health issues and needing home health care.
*Brett, co-worker of Dee Indgjer, who is battling cancer for the second time. Please pray also for his wife, Julie.
* Mary Ann Proescholdt, in hospice care at Savannah Pines, rm. 102.
* Sonya Brous, friend of Dee Indgjer, added to the heart transplant waiting list. Pray that a suitable heart will become available soon.
* Lorelee Novak, for a return of strength through healing and physical therapy.
* Duane Kratke, brother-in-law of Gary & Debra Baker and Bob & Gerayne Yelkin, started chemo again this week. Prayers of thanksgiving that recent bone scans showed no cancer. Please pray for relief from severe pain resulting from a bulging disk in his lower back.
* Betty Bluhm, continued prayers as she undergoes radiation therapy.
* Bonnie Gass, placed in hospice care at Tabitha.
* Ted Oehlert, cousin of Myrna Heckman, diagnosed with prostate cancer and kidney problems.
* Susie Swanson, friend of Mark & Lori Reinke, diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
* Anna Eisenmann, struggling with lupus and in treatment.
* Larry Eisenmann, battling cancer and receiving chemo.
* Carl & Callie, for peace and patience in their wait to adopt a child.
* Warren Zakapco, friend of Dale & Marilyn Meyer, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his lungs and brain cancer.
* for Leonard Stehlik, father of Brent Stehlik, in rehab at Tabitha in Crete.
* Kay Kohl, recovering at home.
* for Bridgette and Sophie, stepsister and niece of Rachel Wagner, in an accident.
* Diane Gavalier, cousin of Gary Heckman, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
* Beth Strasheim, friend of Gary & Myrna Heckman, diagnosed with breast cancer.
* Ralph Humphrey, Jr., having multiple medical issues.
* Mark Simnitt, healing for a broken collarbone.
* Betty Kieselhorst, undergoing chemotherapy.
* Robert Zook, recovering at home.
* the son-in-law of Rollie & Marj Victor, dealing with health issues.
* Paris Renter, recovering from ACL surgery.
* Kristen Liguori, sister of Karolyn Husa.
* Desi Kessler, having surgery.

FOR PEACE AND COMFORT: “But the Lord has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge.” Psalm 94: 22
* for the family of Marvin Henning, former member of Good Shepherd, who was taken to his heavenly home recently. (If you would like to send a card to his wife, Donna: 3302 N. Dixieland Rd., #M11, Rogers, AR 72756)
* for the family of Lois Schoenbeck, grandmother of Jeana Wood, Jesse Luebbe, Bethany Kranz, and Russ Schoenbeck, who was taken to her eternal home recently.
* for the family of Jan Neubauer, friend of the Novaks, who was taken to her heavenly home recently.

THANKSGIVING: “O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 106: 1
* for Pam, friend of Anita Armitstead, that her cancer was caught early and she will not need chemo or radiation.

Lois Herpolsheimer Lynda Mahloch Bonnie Gass
Arlene Hadenfeldt Leola Krehnke Dr. Bob Heins
Anita Armitstead Clara Deines Lois Goeres
Mary Ann Goeschel Darlene Wiese Don Wiese

Victoria Sample Disney Turek Cooper DeWitt
Ryan Hausfeld Cindy Fox Carol Parrott
Maria Schwarz Sheryl Chism Lynn Poppe
Dorette Kleinkauf Rollie Victor Anne Nelson
Susanna Cantarero Zoe Groff Willis Legband
Gloria Henning Diane Greckel Nevaeh Kessler

Ron Van Valkenburg Beth Eisenmann

March 12 Alan Brodbeck, Madalyn Stolcpart, Rev. Mark Williamson
March 13 Scott McKinney, Claire Sanley, Aubrey Wiest
March 14 Janet Amack, Layla Thornton
March 16 Scott Johnson, Willis Legband, Jerika Perrin, Rollie Victor
March 17 Verneda Gerdes
March 18 Adilyn Damme, Alice Krause, Jerry Sidlo, Tristen Toelle

Wed., March 15 Lenten meal provided by KNNA radio staff. Menu will be sloppy joes, chips, green beans and desserts. There will be no midweek class this evening.
Sun., March 19 Third Sunday in Lent. Communion at the 8 am service.
Wed., March 22 Lenten meal will be provided by Lutherans for Life. Menu includes lasagna and the fixings.There will be communion at both services.
Sun., March 26 Fourth Sunday in Lent. Communion at the 10:30 am service.
Wed., March 29 Lenten meal will be provide by Good Shepherd Lutheran School & Preschool. The menu will be ham, baked potatoes, salads, green beans, and desserts.
Sun., April 2 Fifth Sunday in Lent. Communion at the 8 am service.
Wed., April 5 Lenten meal will be provided by the Boy Scouts. Menu will be a taco salad/nachos bar. There will be communion at both services.
Sun., April 9 Palm Sunday – Communion at both services. Children are invited to participate in the parade of palms at both services. Please come a little early to give the group an opportunity to get their palms and line up to process.
Mon., April 10 Holy Monday service at 6:30 pm
Tues., April 11 Holy Tuesday service at 6:30 pm
Wed., April 12 Holy Wednesday service at 6:30 pm. This will also be Part IV of the Confirmand Questioning.
Thurs., April 13 Maundy Thursday services at 12:15 pm and 6:30 pm with communion at both services.
Fri., April 14 Tre-Ore service at 12:15 pm
   Tenebrae service at 7:30 pm