Mrs. Ahrens Weekly Note
January 20th, 2017 by

What a week!  From a day off to an ice day, and then many children down with the flu, we are encouraging lots of hand washing!

We are also very excited about all the events planned for this week coming week of Lutheran School’s Week.


Sunday, January 22nd                    Sing in church   The students will sing during each church service (8am and 10:30am)  At the 8 am service we will sing somewhere in the middle of the service.  At the 10:30am service we will sing at the beginning.  This will be a great kick-off for Lutheran Schools Week.  The theme this year is based on the following verse, “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” (Is. 26:4)

Monday, January 23rd                    Favorite Person from the Bible     Choose your favorite person in the                                                      Bible to dress up as.  Can you tell us the story?  How many others will  pick the person you chose?


Tuesday, January 24th                   Spirit Day

Wear  school          colors   (Navy blue and white)

Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade will travel to Lincoln

Lutheran to participate in an every LCMS Lincoln School event.  Please                                                                         fill out the attached permission slip for this trip.  (Note there are 2                                                                           attached)


Wednesday, January 25th             Pajama Day    For those in the morning we will begin with pancakes and

preschoolers will enjoy their pajama party.  Then in the afternoon, the

preschoolers and  school children will join together for a pajama,

popcorn and movie afternoon.  Don’t forget your special stuffed pet or



Thursday, January  26th            Throwback Thursday           People love to get nostalgic or dress up as

their parents when they were younger.  There has been some pop culture

trends that are long gone, the 20’s and 50-60’s, as well as the 80’s truly

stand out.   Maybe there was a past trip or other things that bring back

happy memories. That’s really all there is to it.


Fourth through six graders will travel downtown to the capital building                                                                  where there is a rally for Nebraska School Choice.  This promises to be a                                                               wonderful experience for them; while they will meet others students in                                                             private, parochial and even those who Homeschooling.  This activity begins                                                               at 11 am on the Capital steps.  Thank you to the parents who have                                                                                    volunteers to go with the students.   Please see the attached permission slip.


Friday, January, 27th             100th Day  and Grandparents/VIP Visit    Dress as if you were 100 years old

                                                                Grandparents and VIPs will be our special guests in the classroom on

this day.  Activities are planned for all to enjoy and learn.   In the past                                                                           every child has brought one hundred items to use for all their activities.                                                                We will not be doing that this year.  Instead many different activities are                                                              planned that the students may participate with their special guests.


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