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  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School – Lincoln, NE

    Welcome in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! At Good Shepherd, we are committed to preaching and teaching the life-giving and life-changing Gospel of Jesus in its truth and purity. In all of our activities, the heart and core is always the Good Shepherd, who laid down His life to save lost sheep like you and me. To Him alone be the glory! If you have any questions or Prayer Requests please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re just a click away and we’re always here to share God’s Word in it’s truth and purity.

    Good Shepherd Calendars:

    20141201_133911-smallChurch News

    download_20160426_214046New Vicar and family!
    Evan and Lena Scamman with 11 year-old Katie from Aberdeen, WA!


    VBS Registration Form

    Download the registration form to bring with you!  VBS is the week of June 6th-10th, 8:30a until noon on Monday and 9a until noon the rest of the week.  Ages 2 (with a parent or guardian) through 8th Grade.

    If you’re interested in helping, contact Kim Bock at kbock218@yahoo.com or call 402.430.9108.


    Sunday – Pastor Poppe begins a study on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes in the fellowship hall about 9:20 am.
    Tuesday Ephesians Men’s Bible Study – 6 am in room 109 2
    Wed. “Upon This Rock.” – 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall
    Wed. “Life of Jesus – The Parables” – 7:20 pm in the Fellowship Hall
    Thursday “LifeLight Study” – 1 pm in room 109
    Friday Various Topics – 8 am (following the folding of bulletins) in the Fellowship Hall
    Everyone is invited to become a part of one or more of these Bible studies.

    SCRIP Gift CardsS.O.S – Support our school by SHOPPING!!!howscripworks...

    You pay the face value of the gift card and our school will get 4% of this back from the merchants. If you purchase a gift card for $100, this would mean that our school would get a $4 rebate. If just 25 people did this, the school would receive $100. It’s a painless way to help out. Thanks to all who are already using SCRIP regularly. Check out the other merchants who participate in this program.

    1. Is easy to use – Just purchase gift cards to pay for items you are already planning to purchase.

    2. Doesn’t cost you a penny – You pay $25 for $25 worth of merchandise.

    3. Gives a rebate to Good Shepherd Lutheran School and Preschool – Rebates range from 2% of the cost of the gift card to 20% of its cost depending on the merchant.

    For more details about how to assist the school and preschool in this manner, check with the SCRIP ladies in the church library between services. A big thanks to all who have been faithful purchasers of SCRIP.

    Click here to print a SCRIP form


    2016-2017 School and Preschool registration is open! – Click here to view our Admission page



    Lincoln’s Only Classical Education School – The Mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran School and Preschool is to proclaim Christ, prepare the foundation for further learning and equip for lifelong service to God, family and society for the salvation of all.

    Philosophy – We believe in a Classical approach to education:

    C Christ-centered

    L Learning of the Classics

    A Acquiring life-long skills through academic achievement

    S Scripture-based, spiritual development

    S Service to God and others

    I Integrated Curriculum

    C Character, Virtue, Excellence

    A Absolute truth, goodness, beauty

    L Love of learning


    GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN SCHOOL teaches phonics in order to prepare students for reading. The English language is based on the recognition of letters and the pronunciation of sounds because learning to read phonetically enables children to understand the grammatical aspects of the English language. Did you know that half of all English words have a Latin origin? The study of Latin enables children to develop and understand a wider range of vocabulary in the English language. We begin teaching Latin in 3rd grade. This is another of the many reasons to consider Good Shepherd Lutheran School for your child/children.

    Our unique aspects of the curriculum include:
    A Christ-centered Education
    Daily Worship
    Music Instruction

    Good Shepherd Youth Click here for more info. news & events

    For Grades 8-12 Bible Study on Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:15 various topics. Higher Things Lutheran Youth Conference most every Summer. Other events and announcements through out the year

    2016-bread-of-life-LogoMark your Calendars for Upcoming GS Youth Events:

    • May 21st 11:30a Movies in youth room at church & probably pizza too for lunch.
    • Higher Things meeting Wednesday June 8th 7:30p after church – to share more information with parents, students, and leaders attending.
    • Saturday June 18th 1:30 – Youth Mini Golf

    HIGHER THINGS Bread of Life July 5-8 2016 at University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA Don’t let money or financial difficulty keep you from joining us on the trip. If you have concerns with the deposit please talk to Andrew Wood or Marc Huff … if you have a desire to attend this conference then we want you to be able to go with out it being a financial burden. http://higherthings.org/conferences/breadoflife201 Click here to print a registration form.


    Click here to go to http://www.thecross957.org/

    KNNA UPDATE: We have transferred our internet radio from Live365 to CirrusOmni. There are a few adjustments left to make but we can be heard on the internet again. The best way to listen to the KNNA broadcast is to go to our website www.thecross957.org and click on Listen. Thank you for your patience as we move to CirrusOmni.

    Don’t know how to use internet radio?

    Just go to www.thecross957.org to listen in or link directly to our new feed at SecureNetSystems.

    KNNA radio functions through donations. KNNA does not rely on the church’s finances. If YOU would like to support us financially, we gladly welcome it with great appreciation. What is the best way to support the radio? LISTEN! Listen to KNNA Radio 24/7! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please tune in on a regular basis. Listen to it, have it on in the background, listen to it while sleeping, or whatever suits your fancy. Please, help support the radio by using your ears. Spread the news of our radio station. If you would like to help in any other capacity, contact Nik Sandman, Curt Christiansen, and/or Jim Kirk.

    A big thank you to all for your support!
    KNNA Community Radio

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    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School
    3825 Wildbriar Lane
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-4502
    Church: (402) 423-7639
    School : (402) 423-7677